Service Strategy
Service process:
1、 Confirm customer needs. Develop fabrics and accessories according to customer requirements. If mold opening is required for some products, the cost of mold opening shall be borne by the customer. (If the number of orders reaches a certain amount, we can return the corresponding mold costs)
2、 After confirming the pattern, fabric, auxiliary materials, workmanship, quotation and other relevant information, sign the contract and pay the deposit.
3、 Make samples according to customer requirements, and take the sample office confirmed by the customer as the bulk production batch sample.
4、 The delivery time of large goods is determined by negotiation according to the actual situation, generally not more than 45 days. The delivery date of the bulk goods shall be calculated from the confirmation of the bulk goods batch sample and after we receive the bulk goods related materials (cloth, auxiliary materials and other related materials).


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